Queen Ifrica

Queen Ifrica

My favorite Queen Ifrica Tune


A nuh beg a nuh plea a nuh bargain
Ready action a dweet a nuh talking
Pure innocent people yuh stalking
Bout yuh kingdom come wi nuh falling
Wid di yutes dem blood pon yuh shoulda
Yuh will have no strength when yuh olda
Torture di beast I cast dem asunda
Wicked ago melt suh nuh fret suh nuh wonda

Just wipe di tears from yuh eyes
Cause they will neva keep us down
Wi wear a upfull crown
A tell yuh
Listen di words a di wise
Di victory will be yours and mine
Suh praise di king and sing

  1. keeleywilliams said:

    This a tune! But I love below the waist 🎶🎶🎶

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